Tasty Polagra Food!

In less than two weeks the tastiest fair – Polagra Food International Trade Fair for Food and Catering Products – will begin in Poznań. What will the exhibitors tempt us with?

Polagra Food is an annual presentation of the achievements of Polish food manufacturers, as well as an exhibition of products from around the world. Three exhibition halls will be filled with products that were created based on the needs of consumers and eco trends, as well as those that will surprise you with their taste, made in accordance with the culinary tradition from different parts of the world.

The industry most numerously represented at the Fair will be the dairy products sector. In addition to products well-known from shop shelves in new flavour variants, there will be many new ones exhibited at the stands. Lactose-free, BIO or non-GMO cheese is a trend that can be observed among the products presented. Polish manufacturers also prepared surprising ideas for cheese snacks, which will be an excellent choice at school, at work or during weekend trips.

A significant part of the Polagra Food exhibition will be also dedicated to the meat industry. The Fair visitors will have an opportunity to see the new proposals of the sector, in particular at the "Polish Meat" stand. This group will also include, among others, one of the market leaders, the Sokołów SA company with as many as five products awarded the MTP Gold Medal this year. Interesting offer will be also exhibited by Zakłady Mięsne Szubryt, including a line of cold meats manufactured without the use of any preservatives, flavour enhancers and phosphates. The exhibition will also feature ready-made meat meals, which are a response to the needs of consumers looking for an idea for a "fast" and yet tasty lunch.

Polish manufacturers will present as well products from the group of confectionery and snacks: crispy snacks based on rye or wholemeal bread, lollipops and cookies without sugar, freeze-dried vegetables, bars with freeze-dried fruit, gluten-free muffins, juice and lemonade (e.g. ginger and Maule's quince ones!). Undoubtedly, bacon-flavoured seaweed will be a real treat for the Fair participants!

In addition to food products by Polish manufacturers, the Fair will also host a large group of foreign companies.  As every year, visitors will have a chance to get acquainted with the news from the Italian Peninsula – traditional Italian cold meat and cheese, olive oil, pasta, wine or vegetable preserves. Moreover, it will be possible to taste e.g Spanish salami, Cyprus cheese, tea from Ceylon and Sri Lanka, fish caught in Lithuanian waters, Hungarian tomato preserves and German cheese with flower sprinkles.


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