Polagra Fair – business, knowledge, inspiration

This is how we may sum up the biggest event dedicated to the food, catering, hotel, packaging and logistics industries.

The five-day block including Polagra Food, Polagra Gastro, Polagra Tech, Invest Hotel, Taropak, Logipak and Epla began on September 25 with the Baker and Confectioner's Day. The entire exhibition occupied 17 halls, and it was visited by over 63 thousand professionals from the whole world.

Polagra Food – international in any respect

This year's fair exposition occupied the surface area of 3 exhibition halls. It was attended by over 350 exhibitors who presented several hundreds of new products – well-known ones, but with new flavours, and completely new solutions in the field of meat and fruit and vegetable preserves, confectionery, beverages, alcohol, fats, ready meals and organic food. This year as many as 27 products received the MTP Gold Medal, which confirms the great focus of manufacturers on the quality of products. The list of winners is available at www.polagra-food.pl

Among the foreign markets, the most numerously represented was the Italian one. More than a dozen manufacturers brought to Poland Italian specialities – cheese, cold meats, vegetable pickles, ice cream, not only to present them to Polish traders but, above all, to negotiate a place for those products on the shelves of Polish specialist food shops and large-format stores. At the Fair, there were also present the exhibitors from China, Hungary, Turkey, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Belarus, India, Lithuania, South Korea, the Netherlands, Austria, Egypt and Ukraine.

Among Polish manufacturers of this year's Polagra Food those of the dairy sector prevailed. In view of milk surplus, both in the Polish market and in other countries, it is necessary not only to stimulate the demand through the introduction of new products that meet consumers' expectations, but also
to search for new markets, and with that intention in mind Polish dairy products producers participated in the Polagra Food Fair. Their expectations concerning visitors, as well as the expectations of other exhibitors, have surely been met. The Fair was visited by many foreign delegations, e.g. from such countries as Albania, Australia, Belgium, Belarus, Brazil, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, the Philippines, France, Greece, Spain, the Netherlands, India, Ireland, Israel, Jordan, Canada, Germany, Latvia, Portugal, South Africa, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom, Italy, United Arab Emirates. The talks in many languages took place at the stands as well as during specially arranged B2B meetings. Those were organized as part of the International Cooperation Fair prepared by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, and a series of meetings arranged by the Belgian Meat Office. The participants could get some information on new business opportunities, especially related to the markets of Asia and Africa, in the Inspiration Zone of the Agricultural Market Agency.

Polagra Food is primarily a place to take care of the already established business contacts and to take actions aimed at developing the new ones, which will allow the manufacturers to move the surplus production to new markets, and thus to fully use the production capacity of the plants. It is also an event conducive to discussions about the most important issues for the food industry, which were so numerous this year. In the conference rooms discussions on the future of trade in Poland, new technological solutions in the field of sales and successful marketing in the store were conducted. Also the flow of knowledge on the trends in packaging or customer communication took place, with particular emphasis on social media.

The Polagra Fair once again showed that in the era of digitization, which is present in business, face
to face meetings with customers are indispensable in building long-term relationships,
and especially in establishing new contacts. Fairs become a key place to initiate cooperation,
in particular at international level, and they offer an opportunity to organize industry meetings, search for new solutions and inspiration for business development. The next edition of the Polagra Fair is scheduled for Septmber 25-28, 2017.


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