International business meeteings

Join the POLAGRA FOOD exhibitors and take the advantage of presence of potential cooperators form abroad.

The POLAGRA FOOD Fair is stimulating trade between different countries. The presence of merchants from abroad is primarily the result of promotional activities in modern promotion channels and the development of the Hosted Buyers program, in which, for several years, Poznań has been visiting managers of large groups of wholesalers, supermarket chains, importers or distributors of food products from around the world.  The Hosted Buyers program is a very carefully thought-out concept combining the export needs reported by the Polish producers with demand of foreign markets. The finale, or substantive meetings during the trade fair, is preceded by a several-month promotional campaign addressed to merchants from all over the world. − explains Edyta Bonin-Kanikowska, POLAGRA FOOD Project Manager.

In 2017, we had the pleasure of hosting industry representatives from over 40 countries, including, among others, from such countries as:

Albania, Algeria, Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Egypt, Finland, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Ireland, Iceland, Canada, South Korea, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, Germany, Nigeria , Russia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Sweden, United States, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary, Great Britain, Italy. Both representatives of foreign trade networks, as well as wholesalers and importers of food products visited us.

POLAGRA FOOD Fair already in May, and the date of the special offer for food producers who plan to participate in the fair is passing by January 23, 2018.

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What kind of products are the buyers looking from overseas are looking for?

Based on the surveys we know that visitors at Polagra Food from abroad are most interested in:

  • meat and meat products
  • dairy products
  • fruit and vegetable products as well as frozen fruits and vegetables
  • cereal products
  • alcohol, in particular wine and beer.


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