Diligently and with passion

That is how the POLAGRA FOOD Fair is organised

Poznan International Fair organizes food industry fairs with passion and business mindfulness. For its customers, MTP conducts the promotion in a diligent and ambitious way! Most importantly, MTP acquires professional visitors interested in expanding the product range in their shops, both small and large format.

The strong point of the Polagra Food fair are carefully selected buyers from abroad. Following the opinions of food producers, we focus our actions on bringing to Poznań industry representatives from countries with the sales potential for Polish meat, dairy products, fruit, vegetables, sweets and many other products.


Why is it worth registering today?

Early registration means a lower price, but not only. It is also an opportunity to make use of the promotional activities conduced by Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie for free to promote exhibitors and their products. It is worth using such marketing potential!

Quality guarantee

The complexity and long-term services that characterize the activities of Poznan International Fair distinguish this trade fair organizer in Poland, and they are the features confirming the high quality of the event and the MTP's position as the fair market leader. It should also be noted that POLAGRA FOOD has received the recommendation of the Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry.


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