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It's time for decision!

New fair dates it's also and new date application with lower prices for exhibition space!

It is a tradition that the earlier registration of participation in POLAGRA FOOD Fair is a possibility to take advantage of lower prices for  exhibition space. It is worth to start a New Year with a good decision that will allow savings.

Lower prices are valid until: January 23, 2018!

Earlier application is also:

  • brand promotion on the banner displayed at www.polagra-food.pl 2 months before the fair
  • presentation of new products offered by the company at www.polagra-food.pl (nearly 100,000 visits to the website), in press materials, newsletters sent to food distribution companies, a catalog of new products distributed to key visitors to the Polagra Food fair (planned edition of 15 thousand  + a display of a catalog in online version at www.polagra-food.pl + distribution of a link to catalog via e-mail directory on their own databases - the food industry).

Regarding participation in the fair, please contact Joanna Sauer-Własny: tel. +48 61 869 26 38, e-mail: joanna.sauer-wlasny@mtp.pl.

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