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■ About Polagra Food

The International Trade Fair for Food POLAGRA FOOD offers a preview of trends in a food industry.

This food expo allows its participants to have a look at what food producers and distributors have to offer. The vistors can get to know the Polish food and the taste from all over the world. Every year the event is visited by several dozen thousand professionals of food business who come to Poznań from around the world in search of the latest products, inspiration, and, most of all, looking to start long-lasting contracts. On top of that, the fair is an important event for all people trying to develop their export potential, where the Hosted Buyer program comes into play.


8-10 May 2018, Poznań, Poland



Changes occurring in the food sector result in the growing expectations of Polish food producers towards the fairs as a tool to support export activities. Therefore, what has so far been a tradition, including the autumn date of the Polagra Food Fair, gives way to the solutions offering real benefits to our exhibitors. The new formula of the Fair and its new date will make Polagra Food a more effective brand of extensive scope and objective important from the perspective of the Polish food sector.

NEW FAIR FORMULA - three days of contracting meetings supported by:

  • intensive promotion of the Fair in the domestic market and abroad
  • cooperation with embassies and industry institutions
  • special HOSTED BUYERS programme, in which executives of large groups of wholesalers, supermarket chains, importers or distributors of food products from abroad will visit Poznań
  • commercial networks – representatives if the Polish market.

NEW DATE OF THE FAIR, 8-10 May 2018, means:

  • a possibility of pre-testing new products in the first half of the year,
  • an opportunity to present new products and contract their sales in the second half of the year, especially in the Christmas period.

Polagra Food Fair - list of products group:

meat and meat products, egg, poultry and game industry products, fish and fish products, dairy products, grain products and pastas, baked goods, confectionery industry products, fruits, vegetables and mushrooms, processed fruit, vegetable and mushroom products, processed potato and starch products, sugar industry products, mineral waters and non-alcoholic beverages, fat and oil making industry products, food concentrates, natural stimulants, herbs, s[pices and seasonings, baking goods, ready-to-eat dishes, frozen foods, honey, nutrition for children, diet, healthy and ecological food, spirits and yeats industry products.

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